Angie Munguia

Weight Loss: 24.2 pounds
About 2 years ago, I was told I had high blood pressure and was put on medication. I also knew I was considered obese even though I hid it well.
I began exercising and set exercising goals like the triathlon and the Princess Promenade. I knew I was improving my health but the weight needed to come off. I saw the Biggest Loser contest and decided to sign up. With a lot of help and support from Cameron, my family, and friends, old and new, I learned a better way to eat and exercise. I saw all the changes I was making and knew I was on the right path.
I have not yet reached my goal weight but am well on my way to a successful healthy new way of life. I plan to influence my family to join me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle just by them seeing the changes in me as well as having them join me on bike rides and signing up for fun races. I know that if I lead by example, they will join me and I can’t imagine a better gift to give them than their health and a love for exercise and outdoor activities. – Angie Munguia, May 2013

Elizabeth Sadlier

Weight Loss: 22.6 pounds

It all started with my very good friend Hallie who in the new year of 2012 shouted to me and to the universe a proclamation “Lets be rockstars and do the sprint triathalon”. My response, “Uh, okay?”. My limited response of okay was based on my forward thinking of how out of shape I was in my current state paired with the knowledge I was far from being in a promising condition to perform.

So, off to the health club I went to start my New Year’s resolution for 2012 with the weight of my new endeavors not only to drop weight, but to keep up with my now 17 year old daughter, maintain a 4.0 in my Master’s Degree program, train from a sack of potatoes to one who could successfully complete a triathalon, prosper at work, and own the year of me turning the big “40”. It was so nice to walk into the health club after a long departure and have Denise there to welcome me back.

Shortly after starting back up at the gym, the Biggest Loser Challenge was announced and I knew I needed to be a big loser. I finished second behind the winner, Bill Davis. During the 12 week challenge, I was out 3 weeks due to a sprained ankle but the downtime allowed me to focus more on my diet, the unncecessary calories I was consuming, and gave me another slap in the face as a reminder of the shape I allowed my body, my being to succumb. Though, I made it through my ailments and successfully completed the Sprint Triathalon too in September.

At the health club I started off with Zumba to break up the monotony of workouts, complemented by walking then running the treadmill, spinning, and finally swimming.

My summertime routine was to work out hard in the morning and then enjoy a break poolside. It gave me time to relax, work on school while basking in the sun, and watch the master swimmers. Talk about intimidating. Then Autumn came, school had ended, and I participated in my last premaster swim class with Coach Tom before his winter break till March. With Coach Tom’s support, I made my way to join Master Swim through the winter. Mike Cannon and the kind hearted support of the Master Swimmers encouraged me along the way. This is still a work in progress for me, but I am happy I finally participated in their swim session.

Some of my takeaways from this experience are that working out doesn’t necessarily mean you can eat a lot more if you want to lose weight. Get creative in your food, plan ahead, don’t rationalize ways to take yourself out of working out, participate in the classes, and don’t put limits on yourself.
I want to say, “Thank you” to all of the Redwood Health Club staff, all of the instructors, the front desk, the health club community, the old and new friends I have made, and my family for being so supportive. It has been a lot of hard work, but I am loving the results. It also has been very inspiring to be centered around a hub of hard core athletes at the Redwood Health Club. Thank you for your instruction, your words of wisdom, encouragement, and “rockstar” ways!
– Elizabeth Sadlier, December 2012

Bill Davis

Weight Loss: 51.4 pounds
I really didn’t want to join the Biggest Loser, but my oldest daughter talked my wife and me into participating. Our hopes were that we could work out and support each other.

Getting started at the first weigh-in, I met a lot of folks who were just like me. We were trying to re-kindle the dream of being healthy and thin. Cameron, Denise and Shelly were motivating and encouraging and gave good, solid advice on both diet and exercise. My wife and I changed our diet and started eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Cutting out the junk food I had been so accustomed too was not easy, but soon I started craving the vegetables and looking forward to the exercise.

I’m glad that I participated. I got the motivation I needed to become successful with my weight loss goals. Biggest Loser has given me a new and exciting outlook on my life. I encourage everyone to join because I know that they will succeed. When the pounds begin to drop off and your energy levels begin to rise, you’ll be smiling once again. – Bill Davis, August 2012

Kristina Ngayan

Weight Loss: 15 pounds ( 9.6% Body Fat )
“Hi. My name is Kristina Ngayan. I won the Biggest Loser! My goal was to lose 20 pounds and get my self healthier along with my three kids. This was a great group of wonderful people that encourage each other every week and the two trainers were the best. Thank you for all your support and tips. With their help, I lost 9.6 percent of my body fat and lost a total of 15 pounds during this program. Working out during the week and going to the meetings in the evening felt great. Thank you again to the two trainers, you helped me and encouraged me to keep moving forward towards my goal. Over all, I’m so happy I did this program and made new friends. Keep up the great work, Cameron, on all the programs you do at the Redwood Health Club of Ukiah for us to enjoy.” – Kristina Ngayan, November 2011