BASE Camp addresses Balance, Agility, Strength, and Endurance in a circuit style format. We will use the TRX body suspension system, the BOSU, physioballs, medicine balls and other toys in a multi-level, but challenging, workout that will get your heart pumping!  BASE Camp is great for cross training or seasonal sports activities.


Body Sculpt is an energetic full body workout. Your body will be given the opportunity to meet its max potential and will consistently maintain a high calorie burning level with the influence of various cardio exercises. Body Sculpt will also produce lean toning in every major muscle group with the impact of high intensity strength training. When the body is pushed out of its comfort zone and introduced to a new form of exercise, you will begin to experience rewarding results that will improve yourself both physically and mentally.


High energy intervals of strength building and cardio work focused  on training the whole body from head to toes using bands, dumbbells, balls, ballet barre, Pilates and body bars. Increase stamina while creating long lean muscles and curves.


Cardio-Kickboxing is a strength and conditioning workout using a kickboxing format. Cardio-Kickboxing will challenge your reflexes, coordination, as well as cardio and muscle endurance. Most importantly, Cardio-Kickboxing is a fun way to get in shape. Take a break from the monotony and learn a fun skill with an experienced instructor.


A challenging, fun interval based indoor cycle class on specially designed stationary bikes.  During the class your instructor simulates a ride traveling on flat roads, climbing hills, sprinting and racing.  All levels welcome and you control how fast or slow you go!

FITNESS WALKS – See front desk for details.


Lots of fun!  This class is great for students desiring a light to moderate paced workout, beginners, senior and pre/post natal.  All Lite formats incorporate a warm-up, cardio segment, stretch, cool down, and ab work.


Pilates Mat work techniques to improve overall muscular flexibility, strength and endurance.  This mind-body workout is for those wanting to strengthen, align and restore balance to their bodies. This non-impact class uses rollers, bands, gliders, balls and other appropriate apparatus to build strength in the core or powerhouse of the body.


Power Sculpting is a full body workout emphasizing proper form for maximum results.  Strengthen, tone, and burn calories using free weights, bars, steps, and body weight resistance in the fun and fast paced class.


This class puts emphasis on total body flexibility.  You will be guided through every stage of the stretch while targeting all major muscle groups.

SAL BOXING – Invitation Only.  See front desk for details.


The mission of Strength and Movement is to encourage the improvement in functional strength while increasing the body’s range of motion and overall mobility. Mobility is the body’s ability to move. Muscle is functional tissue that needs to learn to coordinate its activity with the rest of the body as it grows. Strength and Movement is a blend of resistance, balance, and flexibility training techniques that improves muscle strength and the cognitive ability to use it. These techniques are derived from many mobility based sports such as yoga, capoeira, ballet, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, powerlifting, gymnastics, and calisthenics. Most importantly, Strength and Movement is designed to be fun. Take a break from the monotony of the conventional single movement exercise and come remember what it was like to play.


Intense 20 second intervals followed by a 10 second recovery has proven to raise Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which means your body will continue to burn calories well after finishing the exercises.


Tread & Shred takes place in the downstairs fitness area and utilizes cardio equipment, weights, kettle bells and other props to give you a full body workout no matter what fitness level you are at. Combining strength training with cardio intervals provides the perfect blend of muscle building and fat burning with cardiovascular health built in. This class is appropriate for beginners and seasoned athletes alike, and can be tailored to fit any fitness level.


This class focuses on building endurance, mental and physical strength  through military-style training and obstacle courses that will prepare you for a Tough Mudder, Spartan race, or any other obstacle race. Exercises such as climbing ropes, pushing and pulling heavy weights, jumping over walls, and monkey bars will drag you out of your comfort zone, enforcing team oriented skills and pure mental perseverance that are vital to your success on an obstacle course. With consistency and dedication Bernardo and Brianna are giving you the opportunity for camaraderie and to ultimately challenge yourself.

ZUMBAâ “Ditch the workout, Join the Party!”

Zumbaâ combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumbaâ participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be ‘FUN AND EASY TO DO’ in order for Zumbaâ participants to stick to the Zumbaâ fitness program to achieve long-term health benefits. Zumbaâ is not only great for the body, but it is also great for the mind. It is a ‘feel happy’ workout.”

ZUMBAâ Gold –  Active older adults, who are looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower intensity.




A thorough water workout that includes traveling and treading movements.  A variety of water fitness techniques, such as deep water training, and tools, such as buoys, steps and noodles, may be used to promote cardio, strength and endurance.  Good for all levels, no swimming skills are required.

BABY SHARKS ($) – See front desk for registration details.

BOOMERS AND BEYOND – This water aerobics class is designed for baby boomers and seniors with its fun, upbeat, oldies music.  Along with a complete cardiovascular workout, this class includes muscle toning, balance, stretches and full range of motion movements.


Hammerheads is an amateur prep swim team program for junior swimmers with weekly practices, coached workouts, and absolute fun!

“Elite” Hammerheads is invite only. 


This class is geared for exercisers with arthritis and those who want to move at a slower pace.

PRE-MASTERS WORKOUTSee front desk for more information.


An organized class open to all adult swimmers of various abilities (fitness, tri-athlete, competitive), who are dedicated to improving their fitness through swimming.


High energy aqua class with strength moves added in for toning and sculpting. Move to fun music from oldies to current. Come join a fun filled class and a great workout. We get the pool a rockin’!


Water Interval Training uses a variety of water fitness techniques, including traveling and treading movements and equipment such buoys and noodles to create a body balanced workout.


A water aerobics class designed for men and women to focus on their fitness goals in an aquatic environment.  This class will include stretches, body alignment, traveling, treading and cardio work.


Walking in the water will give you the basic steps and techniques that you need to know to be able to do your own water walking, safely and effectively.




A full hour of Hatha Yoga with attention to postures and breath practice (asana and pranayama). Slower paced than the other evening yoga classes.


This is a vigorous class with attention to movement, breath and posture. Beginners are welcome, but expect lots of movement and long holds in poses. Based on Forrest and Shivananda Yoga. Persons with heart condition or other injuries should speak to the instructor and their doctor before class.


Designed to provide an easy to follow approach to the centuries-old practice of Hatha Yoga.  This class will lead you through breathing exercises and asanas to enhance stability and flexibility and relaxation to quiet the mind.


Movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out. We train the core using the Spiral Structure technique.